Why cat insurance is necessary if you care about your cat

While having cat insurance often puts people in the minority of cat owners, just about every cat owner should have insurance for their pet if they really care about them, as you can read on sites like Försäkrakatten.

Veterinarians are expensive — It does not matter how healthy your cat is at the moment, cats can quickly become ill or get injured. To the point that a cat can be perfectly healthy in the morning and by the evening be so sick they need to see a vet.

Veterinarian care can be very expensive. Especially if your cat is severely injured, or has a serious health issue that requires weeks of treatment. If you have cat insurance, however, this takes away the worry of not being able to afford the care your pet needs.

Outdoor cats are at risk of injury — While indoor cats can also become injured, an outdoor cat is much more at risk for serious injury.

This could be caused by being hit by a car, being attacked by a dog or a wild animal or even by falling off a roof or out of a tree. If your cat does become severely injured, it could require extensive medical care for them to be able to recover.

In some cases, it could even mean your cat will not survive if you do not pay the hundreds of dollars needed for vet care.

Cats often hide symptoms — While it may seem as though you would know if your cat was becoming ill, this is often not the case at all. This is also why cats will suddenly develop a serious illness. It is not that the illness has occurred suddenly, however, but instead it is due to your cat hiding the symptoms for weeks or months.

When this does happen, an illness that may have started off being easily and cheaply treatable will have developed into something that will take months and thousands of dollars to cure.

Indoor cats become sick as well — While it is true an outdoor cat is probably more at risk for injury, indoor cats become sick as well.

Illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and kidney failure can occur with an indoor cat. If it does, you will wish you had cat insurance as treatment costs will be high.

Cats cost the same as dogs and other pets — While you may think having a cat become sick will be cheaper than having a dog, in most cases a cat’s medical care costs just the same as a dog’s. It also costs the same as any other pet you may own.

This means when you do take your cat to the vet, you could be surprised at how expensive their care will be. This is why having cat insurance is so beneficial.

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