Top 3 Reasons Why Foldable Bicycles Are Rising In Popularity

Foldable bicycles have been rising in popularity. Based on market analysts, the foldable bicycle industry is expected to rapidly grow until the year 2025. Based on the fact that modern day manufacturers have been making better, more compact foldable bicycles this comes as no surprise. Many commuters and die-hard cyclists are starting to realize just how advantageous having a foldable bike is. Here are the top 3 reasons why foldable bikes are rising in popularity.


1) Make You Look Cool

The frame and designs of today’s folding bikes are unique and distinctive. In most cases, people are accustomed to seeing traditional bicycles, but many people have never seen a modern-day foldable bike in person. Once you know how to fold your bike with your eyes closed, you’ll look like a boss as you collapse your bicycle in less than 30 seconds and carry it with you into the office, while other cyclists wrestle with padlocks and chains as well as to dismantle their saddle so that no one steals it.


2) Compact Design

Each foldable bicycle features a distinctive design and method to fold it. However, the end results across all foldable bikes are the same. They are made to convert a fully functional bike, into a more manageable size. The compact design concept of folding bicycles makes them easier to store and carry when not in use. While some commuters struggle to find a reliable place to store their traditional bikes, foldable bike owners do not face this issue due to its compact design. It’s compact design also makes it an ideal option for individuals who live in apartment complexes. The concept of bringing a traditional bike in the elevator, or up and down a staircase can prove to be awkward and tedious. People who own folding bikes can easily bring it in and out of their apartment regardless of what floor they may live on.


3) Healthier For You Lungs

Fresh air is good for your cardiovascular health. This is a proven fact and common sense that we all share. When you sit in your car during high traffic periods, you’re literally inhaling exhaust fumes every feet of the way. This is also a scientific fact. The problem with this is that most vehicle owners falsely believe that buses and other vehicles are self-sealed and that they themselves are protected from toxic exhaust fumes during rush hour. Studies have shown that passengers and drivers are subjugated to higher levels of air pollution than walkers and cyclists. As such, you can literally improve your cardiovascular health and give your lungs a break from constantly inhaling toxic fumes on the highway during rush hour traffic by taking an alternate route with a foldable bicycle.

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