The hype around Instagram – is it still there?

The hype around Instagram has been phenomenal. It is estimated that it holds, at the moment, more than 400 million users worldwide. During its first five years of existence, this social network for sharing photos only attracted 100 million people. However, according to statistics released by Statista, in 2021, Instagram recorded an average of 1.3 billion active users per month, which means that in just 4 years, it will have doubled its user base.


It is not surprising then that at the moment, there are thousands of projects using Instagram as a marketing tool to offer their services or sell their products. Of course, promoting through social networks is not new, but Instagram has indeed become the social network with more traction of all time, so it makes sense to bet on it.


But, after several years of marketing through Instagram, what results are we seeing? Has this network begun to lose its power, or is it still one of the best tools for companies to promote their brand?


The answer is not simple since companies can attest to the great benefits they have achieved thanks to Instagram and others who, although at first sight things seemed to go well, finally ended up losing money.


In addition, we must consider that different types of companies use Instagram for their brand promotion, and each one will have a different reaction depending on their audience and products.


For example, if we take the example of fashion companies, usually among those who better use Instagram to promote their brand, they have indeed achieved good results. According to The Business of Fashion, the net earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for the main players in the sector rose by 51% between 2013 and 2016.


However, these results do not always mean that small and medium-sized companies can replicate them. Despite the power of this network, indeed, Instagram works better for those who already have a big fan base than those who are starting from scratch, as we will see later.


Also, as in all social networks, there are certain rules to keep in mind before thinking about using Instagram as a marketing tool. In this sense, we must not forget that Instagram’s business model is based on selling ads to companies who want to reach their target audience. Therefore, all those companies who want to use Instagram as a promotion channel for their brand must first figure out their campaign’s objective.


The hype of Instagram is for real and still increasing. This is the conclusion reached by the latest report from Instagram itself, which reflects that daily active users increased by 40% in a year, and monthly active users grew by 25%. Also, according to statistics released by Statista for 2021, this network is already ranked second on photo and video sharing apps with 1 billion unique visitors per month. So, on a final note, we can say that Instagram is still an incredibly popular app.


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