Raw Dog Food : Is it good?

A healthy well-balanced diet is important for everyone, including our canine pals. Dogs that live in the wild dine on raw meat, fresh organs, skin, and bones as well as grass and berries. Domesticated/inside dogs have been provided with processed can food that can be full of fat, preservatives, and other unhealthy fillers.

Let’s take a closer look at several reasons that a raw diet is a better alternative for your dogs.

Reversing negative behavioral issues

A poor diet lacking in important nutritional value may be the cause of some of your dog’s bad behavior. For instance:

  1. Inappropriate chewing maybe due to your dog seeking out nutrients that is missing during their feed time.
  2. IF you dog is known for food theft – it may also be due to a lack of something important in their own food supply.
  3. Artificial flavoring, colorings, and additional chemicals in processed dog food may be the cause of their hyperactivity and inability to listen and obey to commands.

Physical health benefits

Allergies, dull coat, weight gain, and lack of energy can all be due to a poor diet. However, slowly making the transfer to a raw food diet may result in a healthier, happier, and more active dog

  1. Clean teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath.

When a dog chews on raw meat bones, it naturally scrapes teeth so bacterial and plague cannot build-up. Raw bones are not only easy to digest, but they are an excellent source of calcium and fiber. Clean teeth and healthy gums means fresher breath and that is good news for everyone.

  1. Improved digestion.

Due to the fact that your dog is naturally eating slower on a raw diet, gastric juices and saliva increase, which aids in proper digestion. Additionally, a raw diet will have your dog producing healthier, smaller, firmer, and less smelly stool.

  1. Strength, stamina, and stability improves.

Strength increases in your dog’s jaws, neck, shoulders, and back when they delight in a raw food diet due to the shredding, tearing, and crushing involved in the consumption process. Also, due to the fact that a raw diet plan is mostly protein, the energy levels of your canine increases, so together you can go on longer and more enjoyable runs on the beach and hikes in the woods.


Fruits are a good addition to your dog’s raw food diet mainly because of their antioxidant value; additionally, they provide healthy fiber, vitamins, and a variety of tastes that your dog will love. Apple and watermelon chunks makes for a refreshing treat. However, on the other hand, raisins, grapes, and canned fruit with sugar should be avoided. There are also some ready to buy food options that are decently reviewed, for more visit: Life Abundance dog food reviews.

Final Word

Keep in mind, if you are making the switch to a raw diet, ween your dog slowly off their current diet to avoid tummy troubles.

There are some informative videos on youtube, if you wanna dig in deeper:

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