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Promoting your business with Google Ads

Google is a bigwig in the online advertising marketplace. This search engine alone is responsible for up to 90% of the paid search ad clicks on mobile gadgets. Therefore, it is not a wonder that companies in different sectors and industries use Google Ads, a Google platform to advertise online. As part of our bid to educate you on the best SEO practices, we discuss everything you need to know about Google Ads and how to use the platform to help you advertise online as part of your digital marketing strategy.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is a platform that Google provides for business owners to use pay-per-click advertising.

Adwords came into existence in the wake of the millennium. At this time, it was used as a platform to run text ads on desktop search exclusively. Soon, this was Google’s main revenue source as they were easily measurable and enabled advertisers a chance to execute a paid search on a budget. As this audience grew, the Google Adwords landscape continued changing. Some of the improvements included the addition of shopping, video, and app install features. Soon these products were appearing beyond Google and could be spotted on platforms such as Maps and Gmail. Even the name evolved, as Adwords was no longer suitable for the newer types of ads. As a result, Google adopted the name Google Ads in place of Google Adwords. This other name was seen as more fitting and less confusing.

Today, Google Ads allows advertisers to direct web users to a website with the PPC campaign system. Today, it is used to advertise specific products and services and by retail businesses.

Types of Google Advertising Campaigns

There are different types of Google Ads Promo that your business or website can use to find new prospects and manage existing ones according to the ad pros at SEOlutions – Google Ads Agentur Bremen. Different ad campaigns include:

Smart Campaigns

This is a simple Google Ads campaign meant to push customers towards a business. The interface is simplified compared to standard Google Adwords campaigns. Unfortunately, it does not encourage customization compared to other pay-per-click products. This type of campaign may be good for those who are just starting.

Discovery Campaigns

Google discovery campaigns allow the advertiser to reach a large audience in just a single ad. Many companies are investing in this type of campaign to help them gain traction over their local and international competitors. This is a good strategy, as now, with technology, businesses can meet their customers and potential clients, even when they are on the move.

App Campaigns

App campaigns are a favorite among mobile app advertisers and have great potential to connect this demographic with their next customers. If you need to launch your app, you can launch an app campaign and send it to popular platforms such as Google search, Google Display Network, and Youtube. This paid search strategy works for both android and iOS, which means you can target clients from both sides.

Google Local Service Ads

Local services and businesses mostly use the Local Service Advertising campaigns. From HVAC to electricians and other professionals, you can be sure to reach out to your ideal target audience. The platform is backed by Google’s machine learning that ensures that the business gets connected with the ideal user within the locality. This platform is good for businesses that have been listed in the local service ads category as the advertiser only needs to run the ad through the Local Service Interface. They are also effective for those seeking cost-effective options as the business will only pay for qualified leads.

Video Campaigns

You should make this type of campaign part of your digital marketing strategy if you want your ad to be displayed on platforms such as Google Display Network and YouTube. Ads are displayed during, after, or even before the content starts to play. This is a great idea as YouTube is also a big biggest search engine, coming in closely after Google. In addition, people are on YouTube watching content of all types, making it easy to target specific audiences. As a result, you can drive traffic, increase sales, and create awareness and engagement with your brand.

Call Campaigns

Call campaigns are designed to show up on mobile devices that can make calls. In this way, potential customers can easily reach out to clients in the search market instead of filling in forms that companies would use to get back to them. This type of campaign is a good idea as today; there is a surge in mobile gadgets that businesses can exploit to their advantage.

You can experience success using Google Ads management as your primary marketing strategy. However, not all businesses get lucky and successful using this strategy. Most businesses combine the power of paid search campaign management with the long-term effectiveness of search engine optimization  and core web vitals  to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition at all times.

Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads

Apart from Google online ads, there are ads from other search engines such as Bing that your business can explore when reaching out to the search market.

While you may view these two search engines as competitors, advertising simultaneously on both could be a good idea as they are complimentary. Therefore, as a marketer or advertiser, you should be using Bing ads and Google together.

Both of these pay-per-click ad platforms will help your business reach its audience and increase revenue as you appear in a favorable position on the Google results page. However, there are subtle differences that make Google ads and Microsoft advertising unique in the search market.

Comparison Between Microsoft Ads and Google Ads

Google comprises two unique advertising networks, Google Display Network, and Google Search Network. On the Google Search Network, advertisers create text ads that appear on the search engine results page. At the same time, the Display Network allows more diversity as the ads created can appear on different websites on the internet. On the other hand, Microsoft-owned Bing is a network that comprises three search engines-AOL, Bing, and Yahoo. Interestingly, Microsoft ads on any of these three search engines will be seen on the other sites.

Also, these platforms may differ in how they display URLs. For example, Bing ads will have their URLs displayed in bold while Google does not. These two allow up to 80 characters in a single description field when it comes to description texts.

These search engines offer users a keyword research tool, and Google offers a Google Analytics tool to help users follow through on their campaigns to see how they are performing. However, Bing has a lower traffic volume than Google. Therefore, if you are pursuing a larger search volume and prioritize it, you may use search ads on Google. You can read more on keywords and content to see how you can optimize the content  on your website and ads for better outcomes on Bing ads and ads Google.

Another factor that many consider when looking at these two search engines is the ad spend. While Bing has a lower search volume, those looking to spend less for better results should turn to this search engine. Your Google ad spend may be higher, but this can be attributed to the intense competition among bidding advertisers.

Managing Google Ads

It takes a lot to manage a successful Adwords campaign. It can be quite an intense process for a business owner to build and manage a Google ads account.

However, getting a professional with an Adwords Google certification to help with all your needs is not impossible. A Google ads specialist is in the best position to determine a campaign structure, the tools that will be used, and how to bid in a manageable and sustainable way. By outsourcing this part of your digital marketing campaign, you can have more time to focus on what is important to you as a business owner while building a profitable ads account.

Your Google ads certified specialist would focus on all aspects of managing Google ads. They will help you experiment and adapt to your audience, align your sales funnel, optimize tour account, manage bids, and learn about your competition. Further, they will help you achieve consistent growth and to establish the best tools that you can use to ensure a successful ads campaign each time.

Having a Google Ads pro on your team is vital in the long run as they can be a part of the larger SEO and marketing team. Together, a formidable team can help you grow your business and brand sustainably online.


Google ads are the ideal mode of advertisement for companies or advertisers who want to advertise their products and services on the internet. This type of advertisement heavily relies on the use of keywords and is paid. You may run your adverts on more than one search engine, but Google is one of the most popular alternatives right now. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are also quickly growing, which makes them good alternatives. Since Google ads management can be tricky even for seasoned business professionals, you can find professionals to help you manage your Google ads account.

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