Growing Your Insta With Paid Followers

If you have an Instagram account that is growing at a pace so slow you hardly notice if you have any new followers, it may be time to change things.

There are several things you can do to grow your Instagram account but the one that works every time, and requires the least amount of time spent on it, is that of buying Instagram followers.

Is buying Instagram followers against TOS? — While Instagram may say that buying followers is against their Terms of Service (TOS), in reality so many people do it for the most part it seems like they do not care anymore.

In the past, it has been proven even very popular celebrity accounts are buying followers so, if you buy a few thousand, nobody is even going to notice.

How to purchase new followers — All of this can be done online, of course, and it really is as simple as finding a service you like and paying them to provide you with new followers.

Reputable services — Some services are better than others, though, so do not rush into purchasing new followers from the first service you find.

Get recommendations from other Instagram users that have bought followers instead, as that is the easiest way to find a reputable service.

Be sure to find out how many followers they purchased, how long it took for them to be added to their account and how many they have lost since then.

Choosing the number of followers to purchase — Your next step should be to choose the number of followers you will buy.

Most services start off at a few hundred followers and then quickly jump to thousands. Some people buy hundreds of thousands of new Instagram followers in just a few days, but that is not recommended as Instagram will notice eventually.

Decide on a low number of followers for your first purchase — just a few hundred — and pay for those first. Then, when you have seen how long it takes for those followers to be added, you can then purchase a second amount at a later date.

Buy from services that offer followers and likes — Be sure you also buy your Instagram followers from services that offer both new followers and likes.

This is especially important as, if you suddenly have a huge number of new followers but your likes stay around the same number as before, this is a red flag for Instagram.

Comprare follower instagram and then also buy likes, and you are far less likely to ever have any problems with your account.

How long do new Instagram followers take to arrive? — This is entirely dependent on the service you choose.

Some start to add them to your account as soon as you have paid. Others add them over a few days’ time, and even others add them in groups of a few thousand over a few hours.

Find out from the service about the method they prefer so you know what to look for once you have paid. Make sure to also check out the video below for some solid advice!

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