Friv Games Give You Hours and Hours of Awesome Fun—for Free!

Friv games are free online Flash games that are primarily designed for children, but many of these games are enjoyed by adults as well. The beauty of friv games is that they are extremely attractive and super easy to play. And, because no sign-ups are required in order to begin playing, it is no problem at all for people to try out the games, after which they find themselves hooked! They give the people who play them a lot of awesome fun.

Friv games are for everyone!

Some people think that friv games are only for children, but they’re surprisingly appealing across a wide range of ages and interests. Most websites offering friv games have an interface that’s very simple to negotiate, and therefore folks young and old alike find them easy to use.

Different sites can offer as many as several hundreds of games in such varied categories such as puzzles, sports, action, shooting and even games for kids as young as 6 years old. There are also some games that are very popular with girls.

Navigating your way through friv games

The home pages for a lot of friv games sites simply have grids of small tiles, where you click on one and voila!—a friv game opens up for you. There’s not a lot of text to wade through, and honestly, not a lot is needed.

To begin playing friv games, simply use your mouse to hover over the tiles to see what’s available, and just click on the one that catches your fancy. If you like it, you’ll end up playing to your heart’s content. If you don’t, just choose another one. Rinse and repeat, as they say.

You are guaranteed a lot of fun with friv games, and so don’t stop until you get a game you really like. Surely there are several that are right up your alley! Here’s a pro tip for you—search for the most popular friv games and begin from there. These particular games are popular for a reason, as you’ll soon find out.

A word about Flash…

One thing to make sure of when playing friv games is that you need to make sure you have installed the most updated version of Adobe Flash on the computer you use for the games.

And why? Because friv games were developed with the technology of Flash programming, loading the games can take some time. And so, having the latest version of Flash will minimize loading time for friv games, making sure you have more time for actually having fun while playing the games, rather than waiting for them to load.

Parents love friv games, too!

Schools have been using friv games in computer labs for young kids, which is how parents get to know about them. Many parents appreciate friv games for their positive messaging and educational content. Some use them as a reward system for when their kids are well behaved or do well in school, and are pleased that it doesn’t cost them anything.

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